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Welcome to Navykids Kindergarten!
“The essence of learning is what children do, rather than what has been done for the children.” Children’s curiosity and interest is their ability to develop their own “Intrinsic Motivation”, but also to make them in the field of continuous learning and self-development progress. Every child has the inherent desire for learning. In order to develop and help them to explore their full potential, providing a suitable learning environment and the correct approach to education, are important at different stages of their growth. We believe that this educational method able to provide perfect blend factors in the development of a child’s moral, spiritual, cognitive, and emotional.
When the learner is his own interest and curiosity was piqued, learning it is most effective. Therefore, in Navykids Kindergarden we encourage children to choose learning materials and learning content they are interested in, so that they learn through hands-on experience.

Self-confidence is nurtured by constant experience and fun in learning new skills to overcome difficulties, in Navykids, children experience a gradual learning process in the teacher’s careful guidance, each project will be fully understood and mastered in before entering the next one stage. Every day, we encourage children to make a decision in this caring and supportive environment, to take risks, to accept the challenge; every day, we will let children experience the joy of learning as the goal of our efforts.

In order to meet the needs of children and families, we provide excellent education curriculum that science and cleverly linked together to accommodate each unique child. In Navykids, children’s happiness is our top priority.
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当学习者被自己的兴趣与好奇心被激发时,学习是最有效率的。因此,在Navykids Kindergarten我们鼓励孩子们去选择自己感兴趣的学习材料和学习内容,以便使他们通过动手实践来获得学习的体验。


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The advantages of our programs
Small Classes
Integrated Mo.dular Curriculum
Activity Approach
3 language / Activity Approach
Real Learning (every Friday)
Homework class / tutorial
Fun and Interactive Learning Environment
Focus on Behavior
and Education
No 19, Jalan Rimbunan Melor 2,
Taman Rimbunan Melor
52100 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur.
Monday - Friday :
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday : Activity Day
Sunday : Closed
Ms Gan / Ms Sally
03-6731 5579
018-977 2329
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